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You had a great night with your friends at your favorite club, and now you are finally home.  You step closer to the front door and reach inside your pocket for the keys, but they are not there. You check your other pockets one by one but the keys are nowhere to be found. You start becoming frantic and check the pockets once again but to no avail. So, you have lost your keys, and it is late at night. Your neighbors are sleeping, and so is the rest of the city. What do you do? Unless you have the phone number of a 24-7 locksmith services provider you are going to have a hard time, that’s for sure.

When Southside Slopes PA Locksmith Store was established in Southside Slopes we knew exactly what to do. There was a gap waiting for to be filled for a long time, and that gap was for professional and reliable locksmith services. While in Southside Slopes, PA there are many locksmith services providers they all lack a certain standard that is crucial for high quality services and customer satisfaction. To make matters worse, most of the existing locksmiths lack the resources to provide urgent locksmith services to their customers. So, Southside Slopes PA Locksmith Store took the initiative and provided the people the outstanding 24-hour locksmith services.



Special 24/7 workforce

Our workforce is trained to get to work immediately whenever a customer calls in. We ensure that no matter what time of day it is we reach you ASAP. Whether it is 3 AM on a Sunday morning or 11PM at Wednesday night, if you need help with your lock or keys you will get it. Unlike most locksmith services ours never stop even on holidays. After all, an emergency never cares for Christmas or New Year and may strike unannounced.

Mobile locksmith units

Southside Slopes PA Locksmith Store can provide timely service unlike the competitors, all thanks to the fleet of mobile locksmith vans it owns. Our fleet is the largest in the Southside Slopes area and  is also stocked with all kinds of state-of-the-art tools and equipment that allows our technicians to provide the best service possible. We also train our locksmiths well so that they can work with ease and solve the problems in the smallest possible time.



Lockout resolution:

Southside Slopes PA Locksmith Store, Southside Slopes, PA 412-385-9346Whether you get locked inside your house, or your car, or simply anything you can always count on us for instant support. No matter how complicated your situation is, we will get you out of there.

On-the-spot key cutting services:

Need duplicate keys? Or you can’t get out a key that’s stuck in a lock? Fret now, for we have a solution for all your key problems. We have high quality tools that allow us to build duplicate keys in no time. Our cutting tools also help us to either cut off jammed keys or get them out.

Quick fixes:

Non-responsive locking mechanisms, damaged locks, damaged ignitions, worn out push bars, you name it we have a solution for it.

Emergency lock change:

Locks tend to lose their strength over time and they can also become rusty. This puts the security of your house in jeopardy. We offer easy and affordable lock replacement and upgrade services for all kinds of locks. No matter what your budget is we can suggest the best possible locks for your home.

Safety first:

You can’t afford to take a risk with your locks. After all they are crucial for the safety of your house. At Southside Slopes PA Locksmith Store we understand this very well. Thus, when you appoint our professional locksmiths you don’t have to worry at all.

With all this and a lot more, Southside Slopes PA Locksmith Store has become unstoppable in the 24-hour service arena. Give us a call @ 412-385-9346 and we’ll resolve your emergency locksmith issue without charging anything extra.